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New to the college? Use this checklist to move through the initial onboarding processes. Get connected to college services, your email, courses and more.

Many models exist for planning and delivering lessons. We suggest using the Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) Network BOPPPPS model or the CARD model. Either of these models can easily be applied to an in-person, online synchronous or asynchronous lesson.

Emails About Student Absences

Download these modifiable email templates to communicate with students who are absent or disengaged in classes. Review Class Attendance and Message Management.


We’ve curated some common assignment and rubric riders to clarify your expectations for students and to minimize the potential for academic misconduct.

See recommended free apps to support remote teaching and learning. Choose those that support your practice. Download the poster (PDF) below.

Download these resources to prepare for an observation. These resources may also be used at any time for self-reflection on your teaching.

Remote SAT Form

Here, we’ve collected editable PowerPoint slide templates which may be helpful for your teaching. Choose the template best for your mode of teaching.

In Person

This template is a basic template, suitable to classroom use with widescreen format and a banner at the top to ensure slide content is reachable for many.

Synchronous Online

If you’re teaching synchronously online, we have a template which supports this mode, with a blacked out area at the bottom for captions, and some helpful housekeeping tips.

Questions can be used to promote lower-order thinking skills (accessing and making sense of existing knowledge) as well as higher-order thinking skills (eliciting the creation of new knowledge). Download the Spectrum of Effective Questions poster (PDF) and the 29 Critical Thinking Question stems below.

Print this template to use as name tents in your in-person classes. Students can fold theirs in half, and print their name and preferred pronouns on it using a black marker.

This zipped file contains virtual backgrounds suitable for synchronous online meetings. Use with Zoom or Microsoft Teams.