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Director, Teaching Innovation

Nancy Nelson, Ph.D., FEC, P. Eng, is a 3M Scholar and has over 35 years teaching experience at the college in Engineering. In 2017, she received the Gold Award in Leadership Excellence for Faculty. Nancy specializes in areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), and women in engineering initiatives.

Educational Technology Consultant

Jesslyn Wilkinson, M. Ed., OCT, connects her 10 years of teaching experience to her role in researching and promoting appropriate technologies to enhance pedagogical practices. She is a Google and Microsoft certified trainer with specialty in assistive learning technologies. Jesslyn specializes in collaborations and research related to emergent technologies, digital communities of practice, and digital competencies.

Educational Technology Officer

Taylor Wilson, Hons B.A.A., diploma in Media, is a web specialist and educator. Having administrated high-impact websites and digital properties for large organizations, their objective within technology is to connect audiences and improve user experience. As Educational Technology Officer at Conestoga, their focus is to assist faculty with technology solutions and facilitate innovative course delivery methods in a digital era. 

Educational Technology Officer

Evelyn Schmidt, B.Ed, has worked in education at both elementary and post-secondary levels, and uses her experience to support the implementation of teaching technologies in the classroom. Evelyn brings a passion for student engagement and accessibility to her faculty support and workshops, specializing in interactive teaching technologies.. 

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