Connect and Share

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We want to connect with you! Hosted on MS Teams and facilitated by the Teaching & Learning Team, Teaching at Conestoga is an online community of practice that provides an opportunity for college-wide discussion and sharing about best practices in teaching and teaching with technology.

Teachers talking teaching.
Source: Conestoga Teaching and Learning, 2019

Best Practices in Teaching

In The Teaching at Conestoga community, connect with colleagues in and beyond your program who are interested in creating effective learning environments for their students, whether it be face-to-face, blended, remote, or HyFlex. In this space, faculty are encouraged to ask questions, discuss ideas, share experiences, and nurture each other’s professional growth. Discussions already underway include:

  • Active learning and instructional strategies
  • Assessments
  • Course and lesson planning
  • Remote delivery
  • Resources and materials
  • Student engagement

Technology in Teaching

Teaching at Conestoga also provides opportunities to connect and share with other educators about tech in the context of teaching. Supported by key members of the college community, educators gather here to share ideas and tidbits on these topics and more:

  • Teaching within Teams or Zoom
  • The H5P Studio
  • Creating and sharing videos
  • Presentation apps
  • Polling apps
  • Pressbooks EDU

Bring your curiosity, questions, and experiences, and join a community of like-minded faculty seeking to share and grow together!