FAQ for Courses and Credentials in Post-Secondary Teaching and Learning

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Take flexible, stackable mini-courses and micro-credentials that can lead to an accredited Certificate in Post-Secondary Teaching. 

Looking to increase your knowledge and skills in a particular area of teaching and learning? Keep reading for more information, then sign up through Continuing Education today! Email teachingandlearning@conestogac.on.ca with questions. 

Click on the accordion button (+) for general information about the certificate, micro-credentials, and mini-courses.

Program Information 

What is the Certificate in Post-Secondary Teaching? 

The certificate is made up of 180 course credit hours and a 12-hour capstone course. The certificate demonstrates knowledge, skills, and attitudes that promote effective teaching and learning for online, blended, and face-to-face classrooms. In order to be registered in this certificate program, participants must meet certain criteria, which includes having a post-secondary teaching subject. Learn more

What are the Teaching & Learning Micro-Credentials? 

Micro-credentials are an endorsement or attestation of achieving a specific knowledge, skill, or competency. A Teaching & Learning micro-credential may be earned by completing 5 specified mini-courses (15 credits) in a particular post-secondary teaching subject area. Course credits from the micro-credential also apply to the Post-Secondary Teaching Certificate. Search Conestoga’s list of micro-credentials.

What are the mini-courses? 

Mini-courses are 6-hour courses (3 credits each) on timely and high-impact post-secondary teaching topics relevant for the 21st century classroom. Mini-courses take two weeks to complete. In that time period, professors guide participant learning both asynchronously (flexible, anytime online) and synchronously (live online). A learning post-assessment must be submitted and passed by the course end date.

Could I receive a credit transfer from previous workshops or complete a PLAR for any of these micro-credentials and credit courses?

No. Since our previous workshops were not assessed, they do not qualify for credit transfer. Furthermore, these courses are too short for a meaningful PLAR experience. In fact, a PLAR would require about as much time and effort for registrants to complete as a course itself.

Information for Conestoga Employees 

What is the cost of the courses for Conestoga employees? 

These course are provided free of charge for those currently teaching at Conestoga, and those with on-going employment relationships with Conestoga. If your contract has expired, see Information for Non-Conestoga Employees (below). 

What if I see a charge on the screen?

Once you’ve gone through the next steps of adding the course(s) to your cart and confirming your address, you should see that the fee is reduced to $0, so long as you’re logged into the system (as per Figure 1 below).

Screenshot of signup page. Checkout window. A Total Fee of $0.00
Figure 1: Screenshot of sign-up page with employee signed in

Click the PLAY button on this short screen capture video:

Click play to watch short screencast that shows how to sign up. Note that the fee is removed at “Checkout and Enroll” for Conestoga Employees.

Why did I receive a separate e-mail address after registering? 

After registering for a credit course, you automatically receive a student e-mail address separate from your employment e-mail, with your Employee and Student ID numbers remaining the same.

You can continue to use your employee e-mail for work/teaching purposes, and sync the newly-generated student e-mail with it. Please refer to IT Services for support with this feature.

Is there a maximum number of courses that can be taken simultaneously? 

No, but you are encouraged to take only one course per two-week period.

Why can’t I register for multiple courses? It appears the system won’t let me do this when synchronous classes overlap.

If you experience this, please choose your most preferred class for March 2021. In future months (beginning April 2021), we will try to avoid this. In general though, we recommend focussing on one course per two-week period.

Will part-time employees receive $20/hour for participation in the courses? 

Participants will receive credits as recognition for completion of courses. No additional compensation will be provided.  

Course Information   

Can the courses in the micro-credentials be taken in any order?

Yes, they can be taken in any order. 

How do I understand the course length, and what a course meeting is, when I register? 

In a course listing on the registration site (Student Portal), the hours in the first or top row refer to the asynchronous (self-study, anytime) learning (see Figure 1 below, indicated by a black solid line). The Start Date and End Date refer to the total duration of the course (most are 2 weeks long). The course will be available 3 days before the start date in the Conestoga LMS.

If there is a synchronous meeting during the course, it will be listed in the next row with a specific date, time, and time duration (see Figure 2 below, blue dotted line). Some courses provide two separate meetings at two different dates and times, as in the case in Figure 2 below. Information on accessing course meetings is in the course shell.

A screenshot of the student portal, with highlighted sections that feature the details of the synchronous and asynchronous course dates and times.
Figure 2: This course is offered 3 hours asynchronous and 2 1.5 hour synchronous meetings, for a total of 6 hours.

How much to the courses cost? 

Each course costs $150, which includes applicable taxes. This fee is waived for Conestoga employees who are not also students or on very short contracts.  See below for more information.

How often are the courses offered? 

 The course offerings rotate by semester. A micro-credential, composed of 5 courses, can normally be completed in less than 1 year and a half. 

What are the requirements for completing the course? 

Submission and passing of a learning assessment based on the asynchronous and synchronous course content. The type of assessment will vary from course to course. The assessment is pass/fail. Feedback will be provided.   

Where do the courses take place? 

The courses are located in eConestoga (Conestoga’s LMS). The synchronous meetings are normally held in Zoom. Participants will be given more information about remote meeting times and locations upon enrolment. 

When are the synchronous meetings, and what if I can’t attend due to prior commitments? 

Participation in synchronous meetings is encouraged but not required. A recording of the class will be made available to all participants. 

Where do I find available courses and sign up for them? 

Information is available on the Continuing Education website. Search for a course and sign up.

What if the course I want to take isn’t currently available?  

All courses in a micro-credential will be offered at least once every 18 months. 

I want to register for a course that has reached capacity. Can I still enroll in it?

The capacity for micro-credential courses is 25 participants. Most courses are repeated in the following months. We will re-visit this depending on demand.  If you’re unable to register for a course that has more than 25 participants, please e-mail teachingandlearning@conestogac.on.ca and indicate the course, its date and time and we will track demand.

Once I have taken all of the listed courses for a micro-credential, how to I apply for the micro-credential? 

Once all components are successfully completed, a micro-credential notification will automatically be sent to your Conestoga email address. 

How do I enrol in the certificate? 

Please review the program requirements (see link) to enrol in the certificate. Completing the courses and micro-credentials is not a guarantee of admission.  

Who do I contact if I have accessibility needs?  

Conestoga employees make formal requests for accommodations through HR. Non-Conestoga employees are eligible for support through Accessibility Services. Contact teachingandlearning@conestogac.on.ca and/or your professor to ensure that the course will be accessible to you. 

Information for Non-Conestoga Faculty 

What is the cost of the courses for non-Conestoga employees? 

The cost per course is approximately $150 (taxes included). See the Cont Ed webpage for cost and payment details.