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Introducing HyFlex 

What is HyFlex? 

HyFlex = flexible attendance choice for students able to attend in-person or via Zoom.  

HyFlex is the use of technology in the classroom to allow you to live stream and/or record in-class sessions. Students can attend classes in person or via a live Zoom session, giving them more flexibility and choice. Whether attending in-person or from a remote location, students can interact with each other and with you.  

Watch the Introducing HyFlex at Conestoga video: HyFlex@Conestoga 

See HyFlex at Cambrian College – Minutes 2:20 to 6:55

Why use HyFlex?  

This hybrid learning model allows students the choice to attend classes in person or line. This gives the learner a more flexible learning opportunity. It enables the college to provide an in-person possibility when capacity is lowered due to situations like the COVID-19 pandemic. It enables students who for reasons of illness, disability or distance to engage fully in a synchronous class experience. The recording of the session allows students who are ill or in different time zones to view the class at a convenient time.   

HyFlex Classrooms 

How do I start the HyFlex classroom up? 

On the touch panel tap Press to begin. The HyFlex classroom will start up, including all the projectors, cameras, and microphone. 

Is every classroom a HyFlex classroom?  

No. Currently there are 4 rooms within the Doon campus (3A507, 2E35, 3E39, W16) and 3 rooms within the DTK campus (007, 012, 013). More classrooms are anticipated in the future.  

Each room can be seen here: HyFlex Room Gallery 

How many cameras are in a HyFlex room?  

There are 2 cameras in each HyFlex room. 1 camera at the front facing the back and 1 camera at the back facing the front.  

How many microphones are in a HyFlex room?  

There are 2 microphones mounted to the ceiling in each HyFlex room. The teacher also has the option of using a lanyard microphone that will work in sync with the ceiling microphones.  

Can the teacher control the cameras in a HyFlex room?  

Yes. A teacher can use pre-set camera control or control the camera either by the HyFlex touchpad or a remote control.  

Can the teacher control the microphones in a HyFlex room?  

Yes. A teacher can control the microphone setting using the HyFlex touchpad.  

Do HyFlex rooms have dedicated IDs? 

Yes. Each HyFlex room has a dedicated Classroom Name and its own email address. These can be found here.  

Do I need to log into the lectern computer? 

Yes. You need to sign into the computer at the lectern with your Conestoga College credentials. 

Does the camera track movement? 

Yes. The main camera at the rear of the classroom has an auto-tracker feature. This can be turned on or off. 

Can I use the whiteboard? 

Yes but, it is recommended to try using the interactive smartboard as it is easier to see over Zoom. If you do use the whiteboard, teachers need to adjust the camera, so it is visible for the Zoom participants. 

Can students in class and over Zoom see the screens I share? 

Yes. There are projectors in the class that display your shared screen. Students over Zoom will see the screen you share as they would in a normal Zoom meeting when you share your screen

HyFlex and Zoom 

Can students who attend class via Zoom be seen in-class?  

Yes. There is a dedicated projector in each HyFlex room that displays the Zoom audience. 

Can I control how Zoom participants are seen in class? 

Yes. You can choose to have speaker, thumbnail or gallery view. 

Do I need to schedule the Zoom meeting for a HyFlex class or is it automatic?  

You need to schedule Zoom meetings for classes in a HyFlex classroom. See IT Services Draft HyFlex manual here.   

How do I record my Zoom meeting?  

Zoom can be set to record to the Cloud and the faculty can share the recording later in the day or as needed.   

Can both in-class and Zoom students participate in a class?  

Yes. Students in-class can speak and be seen by the Zoom students. Likewise, Zoom students can be seen via the dedicated Zoom display in-class and be heard by the in-class students.  

Can in-class and Zoom students interact?  

Yes. In-class students are encouraged bring a device and log into the Zoom session while in-class so they can participate in the Zoom chat, enter breakout rooms, participate in polls, etc. In-class students are engaged to leave their camera and microphone off in the Zoom meeting while attending in-class.  

Can the teacher control the Zoom meeting?  

Yes. The teacher has all the host privileges they would regularly have in a Zoom meeting. 

Do students need to turn my camera on if they attend class via Zoom?  

No. Students are not required to turn your camera on but, can do so if they are comfortable doing so. Students may want to do so specifically while speaking to either the class or the teacher.  

Can students attend class via Zoom from a mobile device?  

Yes. However, it is encouraged that students use a computer as it is easier to navigate through the broadcast, chat, etc. using a computer. If students do attend from a mobile device, please remind them to set their name as their full name in the Zoom session.  

Can students who attend via Zoom see the smartboard?  

Yes. There is an interactive smartboard that can be used on any app to display and annotate. The teacher can display the smartboard at any time for both in-class and Zoom students to see by sharing their screen and using the styluses to annotate.  

Can students who attend via Zoom use the smartboard? 

Yes. The teacher can turn on annotation and either in-class or Zoom students can write on the smartboard, either physically in-class using the styluses or virtually via Zoom. The annotations will be projected in the class as well as over Zoom.  

What happens if a student loses connection to the Zoom meeting?  

Advise them to try to reconnect to the Zoom meeting. If they are unable to reconnect for whatever reason, advise them to reach out to you, the teacher, as soon as possible.  

Should students who attend in class join the Zoom meeting? 

Yes. Teachers should encourage students attending in class to bring a device that they can use to join the Zoom meeting. Students who join the Zoom meeting from in class should NOT join with audio. Students in class joining the Zoom meeting should join without audio – no microphone or speakers. If students in class join with audio, please advise them to mute their microphone and speakers as they can cause interference with the microphone and speakers in the HyFlex classroom. 

Joining a Zoom meeting from a HyFlex classroom 

Should I log into Zoom meeting from the touch panel or the lectern computer first? 

It is recommended you first log into the lectern computer and start the Zoom session from there. 

How do I get the HyFlex classroom to join the Zoom meeting? 

If you have booked the HyFlex classroom via Outlook, you can join directly from the touch panel as the meeting will be listed. If you did not book the HyFlex classroom via Outlook, you can invite the HyFlex classroom from the Zoom meeting from the lectern computer or join the Zoom meeting via the touch panel by entering the Zoom meeting ID.  

Can I start a meeting from the HyFlex touch panel? 

Yes. You can start a meeting directly from the HyFlex touch panel by tapping Meet Now on the left panel and then tapping the green Meet Now icon. You can then invite participants from the touch panel or have others join by entering the Zoom meeting ID. 

General Questions on HyFlex 

Will all HyFlex classes be recorded?  

Yes. All classes will be recorded and stored via the Zoom cloud. Recordings will used for the semester for student who were unable to attend class either in person or via Zoom. Recordings will not be used for any other purpose and will be destroyed following the end of the semester.  

Are HyFlex class sizes larger than other classes?  

No. Class sizes are still capped at 35 and will likely start with 28 students per class – inclusive of both in-class and Zoom students.  

Is there an instruction guide for HyFlex? 

Yes. The HyFlex Classroom Instructions can be found here.   

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