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Looking for feedback from learners on your teaching, or a way for learners to offer each other feedback? Try a Start, Stop, Continue feedback opportunity.

“Start, Stop, Continue” by Teaching and Learning Conestoga, 2019.

In a Start, Stop, Continue formative feedback method, ask students to offer anonymous suggestions of what you might

  • start doing to better support learning, giving an example of how this might help;
  • stop doing, as it hinders learning, giving an example of how this might disadvantage learning;
  • continue doing, as it supports learning, giving an example of how it has benefitted learning.
start stop continue template
Start, Stop, Continue printable feedback template. Click image for a downloadable version.

Download Stop Start Continue forms:

You could also try adapting our O365 Form: Start, Stop, Continue template.

Kathryn Brillinger

Kathryn is the Director of Teaching and Learning at Conestoga, bringing more than 30 years of teaching experience in the Ontario college system, specializing in English as a Second Language learning, diversity and intercultural skills. Internationally, she has presented on the impact of nonverbal cues on communication endeavours, and solving teaching and intercultural dilemmas. Kathryn holds an M.Ed., and certificates in TESL and Intercultural Studies. Contact Kathryn to discuss suggestions regarding potential programming for Teaching and Learning.

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