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Cornell note taking is a note taking strategy that prompts active reflection and summarizing of content. It’s a great way to mentor learners on effective note taking strategies, while prompting effective retrieval practice and spaced learning.

Preview of the cornell note taking template.
Cornell note taking template. Click for a downloadable template.

To use this in class, ask learners to freely take notes in the template.

  • At regular intervals in any presentation session, stop and ask learners to reflect on their notes.
  • Encourage them to consider key ideas or questions in the margin.
  • Use strategies like Turn and Talk or Think, Pair, Share to have learners address these key concepts or questions with a peer.
  • Invite these ideas and questions into a short whole class discussion.
  • At the end of class, provide 2-5 minutes for students to review their notes and write a short summary.
  • Try asking students to recall their summaries from a previous lesson as a bridge in or hook for a subsequent lesson.

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