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Post contributed by Conestoga Library Services.

Do your students need help in enhancing their digital skills? Then consider connecting them with self-paced resources and workshops that can help.

Library Services has developed a new Digital Skills Toolkit. This resource, designed in collaboration with The Learning Portal and Conestoga’s IT Services, provides you and your students with self-paced modules for learning various digital skills essential to student success.  

Tips and videos cover topics such as: 

  • Computer and software skills with eConestoga, Zoom & Teams, Office365 and more;
  • Creating, editing, uploading and captioning videos;
  • Presenting online;
  • Designing infographics;
  • Building websites;
  • Developing academic posters.

Digital Skills Workshops 

Refer your students to one of our many digital skills workshops, offered most weeks throughout the term. These hands-on sessions teach students essential technology skills for student success. We post all workshops on the Co-Curricular Portal under Teach Me Tech Services.  

You can also request a workshop during your class time, just for your students. Contact the Library to make arrangements.  

Past workshops have included:  

  • Getting to Know Conestoga Tech – Orientation Workshop;
  • Presenting Effectively Online using PowerPoint; 
  • Creating Videos; 
  • Using Mindomo – Mind Mapping and Visualization Tool; 
  • Productivity Tips and Tricks with Chrome Browser Extensions; 
  • Excel: Formulas and Functions; 
  • Microsoft Word for Academic Papers;
  • Office 365 Collaboration Capabilities. 


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