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This teaching tip was prepared by Conestoga College’s Library Services department. Please visit their website for a complete list of  Tech Me Tech services and supports. 

Library Services, Conestoga College

 Do your students need help using eConestoga or Zoom? Do they need to collaborate online effectively using Office 365 tools? Teach Me Tech Services, a part of Conestoga’s Library Services, supports students, faculty and staff as they seek to improve their digital skills and abilities in the use of technologies. Read on to learn about our various services and supports. 

Tech “How-To” Assistance 

You, and your students, can get instant support with common tech questions using our How-To Tech Assistance instant chat service, or by booking a more in-depth consultation with a Tech Representative.  

Here are some examples of what we can assist with: 

  • Introductory computing skills development 
  • Scanning and uploading documents to eConestoga 
  • Navigating Conestoga applications (e.g. MyConestoga, eConestoga, eTexts, etc.) 
  • Using Zoom and Teams 
  • Instruction on how to install Conestoga-provided software for PC and Mac 
  • Using Microsoft Office 365 products 
  • Using collaboration and creativity tools 

Refer your students to the Library’s Tech Help page to get the support they need.  

*Similar to other tutoring supports, this service provides coaching, rather than quick answers. We aim to help students gain the confidence to find answers and solve problems independently in the future. 

Digital Skills Workshops 

Refer your students to one of our many digital skills workshops, offered most weeks throughout the term. These hands-on sessions teach students essential technology skills for student success. We post all workshops on the Co-Curricular Portal under Teach Me Tech Services.  

You can also request we deliver a workshop during your class time, just for your students. Contact Holly Ashbourne to make arrangements.  

Past workshops have included:  

  • Getting to Know Conestoga Tech – Orientation Workshop 
  • Presenting Effectively Online using PowerPoint 
  • Creating Videos 
  • Using Mindomo – Mind Mapping and Visualization Tool 
  • Productivity Tips and Tricks with Chrome Browser Extensions 
  • Excel: Formulas and Functions 
  • Microsoft Word for Academic Papers 
  • Office 365 Collaboration Capabilities 

New! Digital Skills Toolkit  

Library Services has developed a new Digital Skills Toolkit. This resource, designed in collaboration with The Learning Portal and Conestoga’s IT Services, provides you and your students with self-paced modules for learning various digital skills essential to student success.  

Tips and videos cover topics such as: 

  • Computer and software skills (e.g. eConestoga, Zoom & Teams, Office 365 and more 
  • Creating, Editing, Uploading and Captioning Videos 
  • Presenting Online 
  • Designing Infographics 
  • Building Websites 
  • Developing Academic Posters 

Help your students develop the essential digital skills and technology competencies they need to succeed in your course! Help us spread the word: refer students to our Tech How-To Assistance services, encourage them to attend our Digital Skills Workshops, and post links to our Digital Skills Toolkit in your eConestoga course.   


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