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This teaching tip was prepared by Conestoga College’s Library Services department. 

Library Services, Conestoga College

Have you heard about open education resources (OER) but don’t know where to start? The Library can support you at any step in your OER journey whether you want to know more about OER or are looking to adapt or create your resource. 

How We Help 

The Library can support you in many ways, including: 

  • Helping you learn more about OER and the impact they have on teaching and learning 
  • Finding relevant resources to support your courses 
  • Assessing OER for quality 
  • Overall copyright guidance 
  • Interpreting and applying open licensing 
  • Adopting, adapting, or creating your OER 
  • Technical troubleshooting 
  • Learning more about eCampusOntario, the Open Library, and Pressbooks 

To Get You Started 

The Library has created the Open Textbooks & OERs resource guide to help you locate open resources and learn about the impact that OER can have on student success. The guide also includes information about open licenses and links to repositories for other open content including images, music, business case studies, and more.  

Another excellent resource to visit is the Learning Portal’s OER Toolkit. This extensive toolkit aims to educate “faculty … across all publicly funded colleges in Ontario to understand, engage with, and sustain OER in their work and practice.” (College Libraries Ontario, 2020). Topics covered include open pedagogy, finding and evaluating OER, creating, licensing, and advocacy. This guide is a must-read for anyone interested in OER. 

Connect with Us 

  • Connect with Holly Ashbourne for any questions related to open educational resources. 
  • Meet with your Program Liaison for your specific program area of study. The Library looks forward to supporting you on your OER journey! 


College Libraries Ontario. (2020, August 6). OER Toolkit. The Learning Portal. 


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