Building Educator AI Literacy

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AI literacy is understanding, using, and critically evaluating AI technologies for various domains and contexts (Ng et al., 2021). Building AI literacy can help faculty know more about the functions and limitations of generative AI, include AI in their teaching practices, and keep up with the latest developments in AI and education.  

Your Learning

Learn about Copilot from LinkedIn Learning, free for Conestoga employees and students.

Take a free online tutorial on the basics of generative AI.

Look up unfamiliar terminology using Ultimate Generative AI Glossary (AIPRM, 2024), which provides simple definitions of 200+ AI-related concepts and terms.*

College Resources

The College provides resources to support students to build their AI literacy:


Start using Microsoft Copilot (log in with your Conestoga ID/password). If you have difficulty, contact IT.

Explore more AI tools for creating lessons, learning activities, and more.

  • ChatGPT – OpenAI is a chatbot. Free and paid subscriptions are available.
  • GitHub Copilot is a cloud-based AI tool developed by GitHub and OpenAI to assist users of Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, Neovim, and JetBrains integrated development environments (IDEs) by autocompleting code. Free and paid subscriptions are available.
  • DALL·E 2 – OpenAI, developed by OpenAI, generates images from text prompts. Paid subscription is available. Other tools (e.g., GenCraft) may offer free options.
  • Speechify lets you convert any text into natural-sounding voices. Trial and paid subscription.

Remember, use your own personal device and ensure the security of your information, especially when signing up for third-party tools. If you have concerns, ask Conestoga an AI Question.


Learn to craft and practice with effective prompts when using AI tools for better results.


Review resources with a higher education focus on integrating AI into teaching and learning.


Sign up for newsletters to have AI news and information sent right to your email.

  • Dr. Phil’s Newsletter: Connecting the science of learning & AI with the art of learning experience design.
  • AI + Education = Simplified: A newsletter by Lance Eaton that describes what’s going on in genAI and higher education.
  • Ben’s Bites: A newsletter that tracks the web, covering top product launches, research, and news in AI.
  • TLDR: A daily newsletter with links and TLDRs of the most interesting stories in AI, machine learning, and data science.

While not a newsletter, Professor Ethan Mollick’s One Useful Thing blog aims to translate academic research into useful insights, focusing on AI.

What’s Next

*This resource was suggested by the STEM club for girls, Fullers Library.

Elan Paulson

Elan Paulson, PhD, has been an educator in Ontario's higher education system since 2004. Before joining Conestoga as a Teaching and Learning Consultant, Elan was on the executive team at eCampusOntario. She previously served as Program Director and as an instructor in professional education programs at Western University's Faculty of Education. With a Master's in Educational Technology, Elan specializes in technology-enabled and collaborative learning to support diverse learners. She has also conducted research on faculty participation in communities of practice for professional learning and self-care.

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