Generative AI Applications and Tools

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The list of generative Artificial Intelligence (genAI) applications, tools and methods grows daily. This is a small selection of those more commonly accessed within each category.  

Before you Explore

As you test and experiment with these tools, consider using the below table to evaluate the safety and privacy of the service you’re vetting. Each chatbot will have their own data collection practices. It can be helpful to scan the website, and review terms of use and privacy policy, even if you don’t know all of the jargon. Look for the following criteria, and consider how closely or not they match the ideal. In this section the term “user” refers to you or your students.

Ask YourselfSafestRisky
Who or what appears to be the primary market?Post-secondary education or a particular industry.Heavily advertised products that don’t demonstrate particular use cases or contexts.
What kind of information does it collect from you or students?Ideally, it should be as little as possible, perhaps just your email and name, and for students, little to no information.Requires extensive information that makes someone personally identifiable, such as their address, phone number, or credit card, or if the service may share this with third parties.
What data protection standards is it in compliance with?GDPR compliant (General Data Protection Regulation, the EU regulations on information privacy).No noted compliance with standards such as GDPR (EU), AIDA (Canada – in development) PIPEDA (Canada) FERPA (US)
Where is data stored?In Canada.If this is not specified.
Who owns any intellectual property (IP) that is input into or output from the service?You or the learner should retain any rights to input or output material, and the service should not retain a copy.Any lack of clarity around who owns the inputs or outputs. Be especially cautious where these may be used to train models, or shared or sold to third-party services.
Are you and learners easily able to delete any account?You should be able to delete your account and associated data easily and quickly. There should be no exit fee to retain anything created using the service.Any costs associated with exiting the service.

Many generative AI services might not meet all or many of the ideal answers above. Some might have a combination of ideal answers and red flags, for example. For any help in making this kind of assessment, reach out to the Privacy Office.


ChatGPT AI chatbot Freely available; ChatGPT Plus is $30/monthly CADPopularly known chatbot; Turn off conversation history to ensure greater privacy, and use paid service to connect to search engines or access API.
Microsoft BingAI chatbot integrated into Bing Search engineFreely availableVariation of ChatGPT with different chatbot persona, leverages GPT 4. Use alongside Bing Search to integrate ChatGPT-like outputs with sources, and real-time updated information.
Chatsonic AI chatbot within writing application (Writesonic) free (10k words) 
long-form $12.67/mo (60k + GPT-4) 
Uses GPT-4 and is subscription based;
Internet access brings broader knowledge; 
Companion browser extension and Android app 
Jasper ChatAI chatbot within writing application (Jasper)Starter $40/mo (35k words) 
Boss $82/mo (100k words)
Medium to complex conversations; toggle to include Google search data. Retains context but performs with an older dataset.
Google Bard AIAI chatbotNot currently available in CanadaLightweight model version of LaMDA, Google’s  language and conversational model. Currently has limited ability to hold context, and only English language. Data is collected and used to improve responses.
YouChat AI chatbot plug-inFreely available.Built into a search engine, so it can provide up-to-date information. Currently integrates images, code and other types of outputs.
Perplexity AI AI chatbot Freely available.Cites sources with answers; may copy from sources 

Code Generators

GitHub Copilot AI-powered coding assistance individuals ($10/mo) 
business ($19/user/mo) 
natural language to code 
suggest code and entire functions in real-time, right from your editor 
integrates with popular development environments 
supports wide range of languages 
organizational policies 
TabNine AI-powered coding assistance free (short code completion) 
pro $12/mo (longer, smarter, accurate) 
natural language to code 
Trained on open source code with permissive licenses 
whole-line & full-function code completions 
learns your coding style 
integrates with popular development environments 
supports wide range of languages 
cloud or local storage 
Replit GhostWriter AI-powered coding assistance free (limited storage, workspace & outbound data transfer) 
Hacker $7/mo (more storage, faster workspace &   
soon to have GitHub app 
natural language to code 
prompt driven development 
production quality code 
soon to have test generation 
MutableAI AI-powered coding assistance free (manual suggestions) 
basic $10/mo (+automated suggestions) 
Codebase Pro $25/mo/seat (+multifile code gen, AI based code search) 
Medium to complex conversations; toggle to include Google search data. Retains context but performs with an older dataset.
Seek AI-powered code generator free trial, no other pricing available code editor, knowledge base, data warehouse integrations, and more  
SQL queries without manually generating code 
AI2SQL AI-powered code generator 7 day free trial 
Start $7/mo (basic SQL-related languages) 
Pro $17/mo (more languages) 
write complex SQL queries  
natural language to SQL code 

Graphics and Art Generators

Nightcafe Pure Art Generator free (28 credits/day) 
pro (from $10 -80 US/month) 
text-to-image generator 
upload image for style change 
choice of model: Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2, Coherent, Artistic, and Style Transfer 
Starry AI Pure Art Generator free (5/day without watermarks) 
pro (??) 
full ownership of creations 
natural or more abstract renders 
text-to-image generator 
choice of medium (to match artist or art period) 
Fotor Pure Art Generator Free  (basic functionality) 
Pro $40 US/mo (advanced functionality) 
photo editor + AI art generator + graphics + graphics template library 
HD capability, stock photos, file management, resizing 
Deep Dream Generator Pure Art Generator free 
advanced $20/mo (more space, images & resolution) 
professional $39/mo (even more) 
expand an image with an art style  
 text-to-image AI art 
Jasper Art Art Generator with AI Writing Tools 5 day free trial 
(maybe $20/mo but can’t confirm) 
integrate AI-generated art into copy 
text-to-image AI art 
Uses DALL-E 2 model 
High-resolution 2K pixel images 
Royalty-free commercial use 
No watermark 
Rytr Art Generator with AI Writing Tools Free to try with 10 image generation credits that you can use to create up to 20 images;
premium pricing, not listed
text-to-image AI art 
 upload an image for the AI to create variations 
add or remove shadows and object to create a more realistic image 
DALL-E 2 AI Image Generation Modelfree 
$0.016 to $0.02 / image depending on resolution 
Cites sources with answers; may copy from sources 
Midjourney AI Image Generation Models beta testing … runs through Discord server Natural Language text-to-image AI art 
Stable Diffusion AI Image Generation Models free text to image AI art 
image to image AI art 
no personal information required 
Adobe Firefly Pure Art Generator in beta 
image and video creation 


Roblox Code Assist  AI Assistant AI assistant in Studio Script Editor 
TL:DR Summarizer get summary of any YouTube Video 


elicit Research Assistant research assistant using language models 
uses semantic similarity, which finds papers related to your question even if they don’t use the same keywords 
search forwards and backwards in the citation graph 
consensus Research Assistant uses AI to instantly extract and aggregate scientific findings related to a user’s query. 
ResearchRabbit Research Assistant “Spotify” for papers 
personalized collections 
interactive visualizations 
ConnectedPapers  Research Assistant  visual tool  
find and explore papers relative to discipline 
based on Co-citation and Bibliographic Coupling 
Penelope Paper Checker cost per paper ensure manuscripts meet journal requirements 
30+ checks … currently specific journals 
Inciteful Research Assistant search engine for academic papers 
build literature map (links to Litmaps
Litmaps Research Assistant seed, discover, map academic papers 
SciteResearch Assistant– browser extension
– compares how many other published research papers support or refute a paper
– identifies how many citations a paper has received
– use natural language to search for research papers
– drafting of papers

User Experience

Uizard UI generator free 
turn hand-drawn sketch into UX design 
useGalileo UI generator idea to design (from text) 
still in early access 
syntheticUsers User research AI tool Test your idea or product with AI participants and take decisions with confidence 
still in beta 
Amped Research User research AI tool range of research tools, including surveys, user testing, and analytics 
not publicly available 
Looppanel User research AI tool free (15 transcripts) 
pro $25/mo (25 transcripts) 
premium $54/mo (50 transcripts) 
assistant for user research 
records your calls, transcribes them, and centralizes all your research data in one place 
Sprig AI research analysis free (1 link survey, 1 concept test, <= 5k users) 
starter for pros $199/mo (monthly limits 
collect targeted user insights 
identify common themes in feedback 

Writing Generators and Paraphrasing Tools

Jasper General Writing Starter $40/mo (35k words) 
Boss $82/mo (100k words) 
long-form document editor 
plagiarism detector 
50+ templates 
browser extension 
support for 30+ languages 
art add-on 
Writesonic Summarizer free (10k words) 
long-form $12.67/mo (60k + GPT-4) 
Leverages GPT4 with subscription
Sudowrite General Writing Hobby & Student $10/mo (30k words) 
Professional $20/mo (90k words) 
generate content 
rewrite existing content into something new 
elaborate on something when you need more words 
brainstorm ideas 
multiple languages 
won’t plagiarize unless forces (against terms of service) 
Rytr General Writing Free $0 (10k words) 
Saver $9/mo (100k words) 
Unlimited $29/mo (no limit) 
40+ use cases 
30+ languages 
20+ tones 
plagiarism checker 
image generation 
Chibi AI General Writing Lite $20/mo (unlimited documents) 
Monthly $42/mo (unlimited) 
creativity modes / dynamic style adapting 
built-in Grammarly 
expert mode 
specialized writing tools 
custom templates 
Paragraph AI Apps & Browser Extensions (Chrome plug-in) Student $120/yr (1M+ words + 150 writes/day 
Professional $150/yr ( 
Tone selection to write content 
30+ languages 
Grammar checker 
Plagiarism checker 
Instant replies 
Copy AI General writing Free $0 (2k words/mo) 
Pro $36/mo (unlimited words, 5 seats) 
90+ copywriting tools 
unlimited projects 
25+ languages 
Quillbot Apps & Browser Extensions (Chrome + Word plug-in) Free (125 words in paraphraser)  
Premium $20 US/mo (unlimited words, 20 pages/mo scanning) 
grammar checker 
plagiarism checker 
citation generator 
Wordtune Apps & Browser Extensions (Chrome, Edge, Word plug-in) Free  
Premium (unlimited rewrites) 
spell/grammar checks 
paragraph rewrites 
Grammarly Apps & Browser Extensions (Chrome plug-in) Licensed by collegeaudience-specific tone & style guide while writing 
 proof-reading … grammar, spelling, punctuation, style suggestions 
long-form content editor 

Nancy Nelson

Nancy Nelson, M.Sc (T), Ph.D. Candidate, FEC, P. Eng joined Conestoga's Teaching and Learning team after teaching in the School of Engineering and Technology for 35 years. She has received multiple national teaching awards and is a real advocate for active learning in the post-secondary classroom. Nancy's focus is primarily on programs in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology (STEM), but is available to support teaching and learning at all campuses.

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