Unpacking the Rainbow: Celebrating Pride Month

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Many people associate Pride month with celebrating openly and with family as society in Canada has generally become more inclusive. For many newer immigrants Pride is something new, and coming out and celebrating can be very challenging. This year, Teaching & Learning invites you to consider how Pride intersects with other identities. For example, for many South Asian parents in Canada, sexual diversity is not acceptable and a shameful act. They feel rather that sexual diversity is the result of western influence on their children. One of the participants in Bhat’s recent 2023 study expressed how shame played a bigger role in her mind when her gay and trans young-adult child came to out to her. Shame plays a crucial role in South Asian community to live their daily lives. Parental acceptance plays a bigger role in South Asian 2SLGBTQIA individuals and still today many 1.5 generation and second-generation immigrants do not feel comfortable to share their identities with their parents in fear of rejection. This is a complex intersectional issue that needs to be unpacked to understand first, 1.5, and second-generation students in our college classrooms.

Teaching and Learning is going to host an event on 19 June to create opportunities for faculty to unpack these challenges first by watching a movie- The Queen of My Dreams and then engaging in a discussion with our invited guest Alysha Brilla (Music Composer of the film). Please see the poster attached to know more about the event.  

The event is FREE for the first 140 faculty who register. Registration Here.

Location: Princess Twin Cinemas, 46 King St N, Waterloo ON N2J 2W8.

Time: 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm


Arrival time: 5: 30 pm 

First Discussion led by Alysha: 5: 40 pm to 6:00 pm 

Show time- The Queen of My Dreams: 6:00 pm to 7: 40 pm 

Q/A and Reflection with Alysha: 7:50 pm to 8:10 pm 

Wrap up: 8:30 pm

Food will NOT be provided but the snacks bar at the theatre is open for purchase.


2SLGBTQIA: Two-Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, Asexual. It’s important to note that this terminology is continuously evolving and it’s crucial to respect each individual’s self-identification and use of these terms.

First Generation Immigrants: A person who is a first-generation immigrant is defined as one who was born outside of Canada.

1.5-generation immigrants: Individuals who came to Canada as children.

Second Generation Immigrants: Second-generation immigrants are born in Canada but have parents who were born abroad.

Poster for the pride event.

Dr. Nasreen Sultana

​Nasreen Sultana, PhD, has worked in post-secondary education for about 14 plus years. Prior to joining Conestoga College, she taught in the teacher education program at Queen's University from where she completed her PhD in Education as well. In addition, Nasreen is a qualified administrator of IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory) and also earned a certificate in intercultural studies from UBC. Nasreen brings international experience and exposure to the role of the Teaching and Learning Consultant and invites discussions and learning regarding various aspects of diversity in faculty and in students. Her areas of research include intercultural communication, assessment and classroom instruction. Recently Nasreen has started learning about anti racism pedagogy and its implication in the classrooms.

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