Supporting Student Well-Being

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This teaching tip was prepared by Conestoga College’s Student Success Services team.

Supporting students while teaching remotely presents different challenges than the traditional classroom environment, and likewise learning remotely is also very different than being in a classroom. These differences can sometimes create stress and anxiety. In the current COVID-19 pandemic, there are additional anxieties circulating that may impact mental health and general well-being even further.

Supporting Student Mental Health

Well-being and the
Online Environment

The Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health has prepared a useful list of ideas on how faculty can support students’ well-being, particularly during this public health crisis.

Conestoga’s Student Success Services is continuing to offer remote support, and we encourage faculty to promote these services to students. Reminding students of free, online wellness and learning services at the beginning of a course may help connect students to required supports preemptively.

Students can still access wellness support during the physical closure of campuses:

Making a Student Referral

Additionally, as classes continue, faculty may develop a particular concern or feeling that a student may need additional academic or wellness supports. In this case, please use the Faculty Student Referral Form. This form is received by Conestoga’s Student Success Advisors, who are able to help evaluate student needs and make direct referrals to and appointments with support services.

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