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When you begin teaching at Conestoga, a key resource is your Course Outline, upon which all course development is based. Course development includes the creation of aligned lesson plans, course materials, and evaluations. The course outline also informs the Instructional Plan which is posted in your eConestoga course shell and guides course delivery.

Very often course materials include eTexts, a populated course shell, apps to engage students, and library links. View this video learning pathway to confirm where and how to access these typical resources.

You will receive specific information about existing course materials and assessments through your Chair, Program Manager or Coordinator.

Additional Resources

Desk Copies of Course Texts

To obtain a desk copy of the course text, contact the administrative support person for your program for information and instructions. Note that there are different processes depending on the program and the publisher. You can find contact information for individual publishers at the Conestoga Bookstore webpage on Publisher Information and Desk Copies.

After watching this video, if you realize that your course is part of the eText program, you may wish to access the links discussed in the video, including

Educational Apps

You can access the links to sign up for various educational apps on the Downloads page of the IT website. Check out these Faculty Learning Hub teaching tips to learn more about the
following Conestoga-licensed and supported apps.

Library Resources

Conestoga Library Services has many learning resources and services for both students and faculty.

Check out the Library section of the Faculty Learning Hub to learn more about how the Library can support you.

Other Resources

Depending on the course and program you are teaching, other course materials may include the following:

  • Instructional kits or safety PPE, purchased by students through the Bookstore
  • Software required by the course or program (e.g., AutoCAD)
  • Access to VR or simulation software

If the resources are required, they will appear on the Course Outline.

We welcome your feedback on this pathway.

Laura Stoutenburg

A college professor and accredited TESL trainer for more than 20 years, Laura Stoutenburg, holding an M.A., has taught and developed curricula for a variety of topics, with her work including language assessment in China and Canada. Before joining Teaching and Learning as a consultant, Laura coordinated Conestoga’s TESL Certificate and English Language Studies programs. She specializes in matters related to Intercultural Teaching and language acquisition, and is available at the Kitchener Downtown Campus.

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