Recording or Narrating a PowerPoint

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Sometimes the most efficient way to create a video is to narrate an existing PowerPoint. This tip will coach you through the process.

Start by setting up your PowerPoint. Have a glass of water nearby, you’re going to be talking a lot. Then follow these steps:

  1. Select the Slideshow tab.
  2. Choose Record Slideshow. Record from the beginning or from a particular slide.
  3. You will enter the recording view.
  4. Turn on your mic and choose whether to show your webcam.
  5. Find the controls to Record, Stop or Replay your narration/recording.
  6. Hit Record, and start to talk through your slides.
  7. If useful, use the markers along the bottom to annotate your presentation.
  8. At the end of your entire presentation, hit Stop.
  9. The narration and webcam recording will show in the bottom right corner of the slides.

Once your recording is done, you’ll have a narrated PowerPoint.

This will need to be saved as a video. To save your PowerPoint as a video:

  1. Select the Recording tab
  2. Choose Export to video.
  3. Choose the video quality, and make sure to use the Recorded Timings and Narrations.
  4. Choose Create video.
  5. Save this to your desktop for now.
Saving a presentation as a video, as described.

Finally, you will need to Upload, caption and share your video in your course. Visit our post on how to create a YouTube channel to get automatic captioning.

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Jess Wilkinson

Jesslyn is the Educational Technology Officer at Conestoga. An Ontario Certified Teacher, and holding a B.A. and B.Ed., Jesslyn researches and promotes new technologies for faculty to enhance pedagogical practices. She brings to the role her experience as a Google and Microsoft certified technology trainer and as a classroom teacher in South Korea, Mongolia, and Ontario, focusing on special education and assistive learning technologies. She is available for workshops, consultations, and support with using technology in higher education contexts.

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  1. I use a MacBook and PowerPoint 2018 and I am trying to create a narrated PowerPoint presentation. I only have an option for record slide show and that’s it. I don’t have an Export Tab and cannot export the file to video. Please let me know if I need to use a different version of Power Point.

    Thank you

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