Conestoga’s Annual Faculty Innovation Awards 2023

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Conestoga faculty are invited to submit an entry for the 2023 Faculty Innovation Award. In keeping with the themes of growth and diversity, this year’s competition focuses on indigenizing and/or internationalizing teaching practices within specific teaching contexts. Entries will consist of a 5 to 7 minute video describing an innovative teaching practice a faculty member or faculty team have implemented in the last year to indigenize and/or internationalize a teaching approach within their course or program. A panel of judges will determine the winning entry from each School, and there will be a prize consisting of a choice of educational technology and a letter of congratulations.

Theme for 2023: Indigenizing and internationalizing teaching practices within specific teaching contexts

The competition seeks to fulfill the following goals:

  • Share, promote and reward innovative ideas and lateral thinking
  • Demonstrate Conestoga’s innovative approaches to indigenizing and internationalizing teaching
  • Highlight ways faculty have embraced diversity within their teaching context
  • Build energy and momentum for innovation
  • Demonstrate overcoming learning challenges students may face

How to participate

  1. Review the instructions and rubric below.
  2. Create a 5-7 minute video about your innovative idea.
  3. Fill out this MS Form with a brief summary of the initial situation, the goal of the innovation, the action, and the results of the innovation.
  4. A panel of reviewers will each view the videos alone and submit their score.
  5. Due date: October 2 , 2023
  6. Winners will be announced December 4, 2023: one per School.
  7. Innovations will be shared on the Faculty Learning Hub to inspire others.

Prizes for 2023

For each School’s winner each member (maximum 2 team members) of the winning team will receive

  • A choice of
    • a state of the art microphone/headset
    • a selfie tripod stand with ringlight for first person videos.
    • a podcast style microphone
  • A letter of congratulation from senior management

Three Essential Requirements:

The innovation must

  • Be aligned with Course Learning Outcomes (Y/N)
  • Be accessible and inclusive for all learners (Y/N)
  • Align with all relevant College policies and procedures, e.g., Evaluation Policy (Y/N)

Instructions for the video

The video will NOT be assessed for production quality.  You may record the video on Zoom, PPT, or other recording tool.  Please include the following:

  • Describe the problem or opportunity that led to the innovation.
  • Explain the goal for the innovation.
  • Describe the action that you took.
  • Share the results of the innovation.

Evaluation Rubric for the 2023 Faculty Innovation Awards* (PDF)

*This rubric will only be used if the three essential requirements are met


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