Pathway – Read your Course Outline

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View this video learning pathway on reading your course outline and understanding how it relates to preparation for teaching your course.

Additional Resources

After watching this video, if you realize your course is part of the etext program, you may wish to read the Conestoga Bookstore webpage instructions on obtaining an instructor copy of the eText and a youtube video prepared by the bookstore explaining how to set up etext delivery within a master course shell

The Instructional Plan provides students with detailed information about how the course as represented in the Course Outline will unfold during the semester. If you would like to see a digital option for creating an Instructional Plan, you can watch the video below created by the Online Learning Centre.

Contacts for Consultation

To reach a Teaching and Learning Consultant, email

To reach a Curriculum Consultant, email curriculumplanning&

Have a wonderful first semester!

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Laura Stoutenburg

A college professor and accredited TESL trainer for more than 20 years, Laura Stoutenburg, holding an M.A., has taught and developed curricula for a variety of topics, with her work including language assessment in China and Canada. Before joining Teaching and Learning as a consultant, Laura coordinated Conestoga’s TESL Certificate and English Language Studies programs. She specializes in matters related to Intercultural Teaching and language acquisition, and is available at the Kitchener Downtown Campus.

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