Taylor Wilson

Educational Technology Officer

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Adam Wilson

As a web specialist and educator, I have previously worked on high-impact websites and digital properties for large organizations. While viewing technology solutions through a lense of improving user experience, my focus is to build an overall understanding and connect audiences using simple and accessible solutions. With the goal of utilizing my experience and technology background to help others, I started in the Education industry as a Sessional Lecturer in 2019. Since this time, I have been teaching Introduction to Web Design classes at the University of Guelph-Humber; an experience further strengthening my mission of focusing on the intersection of education and technology for the benefit of others, while uncovering a profound passion for teaching and learning. 

I value the hands-on nature of helping others troubleshoot and problem-solve, along with the confidence this instills in others once new technical expertise is developed. I’ve often encountered students, workshop attendees, or other audiences who surprise themselves with their own abilities to utilize the new skills they’ve learned in ways they never anticipated. I’m looking forward to all the ways I can bring my knack for teaching, troubleshooting, eagerness to help others within the T&L team at Conestoga, focusing on assisting faculty with technology solutions and course delivery in a digital era. 

Outside of work, you can often find me outdoors (hiking, walking my dog, paddling, winter pond-skating), at a coffee shop, or tinkering away on an instrument like guitar or drums!