Launa Gauthier

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Consultant

Launa Gauthier, Ph.D
Launa Gauthier, Ph.D

Dr. Launa Gauthier has been an educator since 2001, beginning her teaching career in K-12 international schools in China and Korea.  After returning to Canada, she completed a Masters in Lifelong Learning/Adult Education at Mount Saint Vincent University (Halifax) and a Ph.D. in Education at Queen’s University (Kingston).   

Throughout her career at the post-secondary level, Launa has engaged in diverse educational roles ranging from teaching at both undergraduate and graduate levels to developing and leading educational development initiatives at various institutions. At Queen’s University, McMaster University, LUMS University in Pakistan and T.A. Marryshow Community College in Grenada, she helped to develop and lead key faculty development initiatives that have led to the improvement of learning and teaching at these institutions.  Having had these opportunities to live and work in different cultures has been a wonderful opportunity to see teaching and learning from various perspectives. These experiences inform her teaching and educational development work every day.  

Launa’s research and scholarship focuses on the areas of learning and teaching development and student-faculty partnerships aimed at enhancing post-secondary education. She is passionate about SoTL inquiry as it involves collaborating with faculty/staff/students to bridge the gap between theory and practice and its processes and results often create ripple effects that improve the way we teach and learn together.     

At Conestoga, Launa is eager to explore what’s possible in pedagogical research. She looks forward to collaborating with others to study teaching and learning in a way that combines professional development, improvement in practice, and contributes to our understanding of teaching and learning at the College and across the post-secondary landscape. 

Recent Select Publications

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