Prepare Early for Accommodations

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Connect with Accessibility Service’s resources for faculty to prepare to connect students with on campus supports.

Be sure to read and take action on emails from Accessibility Services so you know if you have students seeking accommodations related to disabilities. Requests usually come in at the start of the semester, but a student may also activate or set up accommodations at any time in their studies. Be sure to read each accommodation letter and sign off that you have received them.

In your classroom, you may notice a wheelchair-friendly desk set up in your classroom. This is because at some point in the week, a student with a wheelchair will be using that desk. It is fine for students to use it at other times, but do not move it or pile chairs on it. Ensure that pathways are kept clear. Be sure to learn how to use the classroom technology. Reach out for training on using classroom technology and more.

When the time comes, follow instructions for test booking and seek information from the counsellor listed if you are not sure how best to support a student.


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