Wellness Practices for Teachers and Learners

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This video presents part of an abridged version of the “Wellness Practices for Teachers and Learners” workshop (PDEV0781) at Conestoga.

In this recording, Teaching and Learning Consultant Mike Wong discusses a variety of evidence-based wellness practices that are both easy to implement and that can be used to combat stress and improve our overall mental health.

Wellness Practices for Teachers and Learners video workhsop [by Mike Wong 35:08]

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Mike Wong

​Michael Wong holds a Ph.D. and brings his experience as an educator, researcher, and neuroscientist to the Teaching and Learning Consultant team at Conestoga College. Prior to joining the team, Michael was a professor and instructor at Sheridan College, McMaster University, and most recently at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. He has taught and designed/refined courses and curricula in many subject areas from neuroscience and psychology to research methods and child health. He is a proponent of active learning and has an interest in neuroplasticity, gamification, and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

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