Taking Action to Improve SAT and Early Course Check-In Scores

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Conestoga College is committed to continuous improvement processes for teaching.

Conestoga regularly collects Student Appraisal of Teaching feedback. Every semester students in the classes of selected faculty participate in a survey to assess student satisfaction with teaching. Results are used to identify needs for program amendments and professional development opportunities for our faculty. The results of this feedback are incorporated into the program review process. 

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Student Appraisal of Teaching (SAT) feedback is collected is collected in two ways: the Early Course Check-In and the Full SAT.

Early Course Check-In

Early Course Check-In – Taking Action gives a description of each Early Course Check-In item, and provides a variety of tips, methods, resources, workshops, and other information that may help you to improve Early Course Check-In and SAT scores.  

You are encouraged to go to each Early Course Check-In item in the document and reflect on the extent to which you are using the ideas and suggestions presented.

Early Course Check-In

The Early Course Check-In is a short version of the full SAT form and is normally delivered in Week 5. Early Course Check-In feedback, which faculty do receive during the semester, enables you to gain insight into students’ experiences and make any adjustments for the remainder of the course. 

Full SAT

The Full SAT form provides you with an opportunity to reflect on students’ perceptions of your teaching strengths and areas for further development. The Full SAT is normally delivered by email in weeks 11 to 14 of the regular semester. Faculty gain access to their SAT scores after course has ended. 

Elan Paulson

Elan Paulson, PhD, has been an educator in Ontario's higher education system since 2004. Before joining Conestoga as a Teaching and Learning Consultant, Elan was on the executive team at eCampusOntario. She previously served as Program Director and as an instructor in professional education programs at Western University's Faculty of Education. With a Master's in Educational Technology, Elan specializes in technology-enabled and collaborative learning to support diverse learners. She has also conducted research on faculty participation in communities of practice for professional learning and self-care.

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