Sharing Recordings of Synchronous Class Sessions

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This post was prepared collaboratively by IT and Teaching & Learning.

One of the expectations for course delivery for Winter 2021 is the recording of the synchronous class time and the sharing of that link with students. The following responds to a few frequently asked questions about this expectation.

1. How do I record a class session?

Please see resources regarding Zoom and Team recordings on the Faculty Learning Hub and IT Zoom site.

a. Informed Student Participation in Class Recordings
b. How to Record a Zoom Meeting (from IT Support Page)

2. Can I share the recording link only with students who have provided me with an excused absence?

Please share the link with your entire class. There are many reasons why a student may miss a class and many reasons why a student might benefit in reviewing the material. We want to be as supportive as possible during this challenging time.

3. How do I share the recording with students?

Most faculty record classes using Zoom (in the Cloud), then post the recording link into their eConestoga course. We don’t recommend saving the recording to your device (Local Recording) then uploading videos directly into eConestoga due to file size limitations.

a. Cloud Recording Playback Overview (Zoom video)

4. Do I need to edit the Zoom meeting recording?

No, the goal is to provide students within a course with a chance to learn so a polished end-product is not needed. That said, if there is a portion of the beginning or end of a video that you wish to trim, this can be easily done.

a. How to Trim a Zoom Cloud Recording (East Tennessee State University)

5. I am concerned about privacy and people taking course content out of context. If I record the class and upload the recording, can students just post that anywhere?

a. The college has now restricted the ability to download cloud recordings to session hosts only. Students may view recordings, but not download.
b. The college has enabled the requirement for users to “authenticate” prior to being able to view the link. This means the viewer must be a signed in Conestoga student or employee.
c. The college has enabled in the Share link settings an option to “Require passcode to access shared cloud recordings.” It is a recommended but not required practice to enable a passcode on every meeting. Note that if you have this optional setting enabled, you will need to supply your class with the required passcode(s) you create.

We hope that this responds to information needs regarding class recordings. If you have other questions or need support, please reach out to Derek Bragg at in IT or to

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  1. Hi: The screen views shown in the recording do not look like the views I see when I try to follow the instructions to upload my recorded Zoom classes.
    How do I get help to do this?

    • Hi Michael! Different devices may have slightly different views. I’ll send you a message to see if we can figure it out.

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