Remote Developmental Observations of Teaching

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The purpose of the remote developmental observation of teaching (observation) is to provide faculty with input on effective teaching in remote synchronous classes. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information on observations.

This information applies to the Fall 2020 term, and may be subject to change.

Steps of the Observation Process

The observation process below describes a full-time faculty or Chair-requested observation, and should take no more than 2 to 3 weeks to complete.

  1. Set a time and date for the remote observation with a T&L observer
  2. Share with your observer course Instructional Plan and other relevant lesson materials
  3. Review observation resources (see list below)
  4. Complete the pre-observation checklist (see list below) and meet with your observer*
  5. Teach synchronous remote class with observer present (~1 hour)
  6. Receive the observation form from your observer, and complete and share your post-observation reflection with your observer (see below)
  7. Attend your debrief/consult meeting (~30 minutes to 1 hour)

*Self-requested observations will not include a pre-observation meeting or involve Program Chairs.

Resources for Faculty to Review

Faculty are encouraged to review these resources before the observation.

Pre-Observation Checklist (Full Time Faculty Only)

At least two days before the observation, please provide your observer with the following:

  • A copy of your Instructional Plan for the semester (download it from your eConestoga shell)
  • A brief outline or lesson plan for the class (Remote BOPPPS Lesson Plan)
  • The specific course outcomes you are focussing on during the class
  • Any PowerPoint slides and handouts

Post-Observation Reflection

Within one week of the observation, complete and share this document with your observer in preparation for the post-observation meeting.

Please send questions to Teaching & Learning.

Elan Paulson

Elan Paulson, PhD, has been an educator in Ontario's higher education system since 2004. Before joining Conestoga as a Teaching and Learning Consultant, Elan was on the executive team at eCampusOntario. She previously served as Program Director and as an instructor in professional education programs at Western University's Faculty of Education. With a Master's in Educational Technology, Elan specializes in technology-enabled and collaborative learning to support diverse learners. She has also conducted research on faculty participation in communities of practice for professional learning and self-care.

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