Poll Everywhere for MS Teams

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An interactive polling tool, Poll Everywhere allows you to create multiple choice question polls directly in Teams. Ask questions or take a vote, and generate results in real-time.

Many faculty find a quick poll at the beginning of a class can activate the students’ prior knowledge and give insights as to what needs to be focussed on. Polls can also provide a means to check-in with students during class to access the pace of lessons and gauge if students are comfortable with moving on from what has already been taught. Teachers can also utilize polls to gain feedback from students, such as determining if review is necessary and/or determining which topics students are most confident in and which they struggle with.

Find Poll Everywhere in the app menu to gather feedback right in your Teams chats and conversations. Enter your question and response options so participants can respond by selecting from the available answer choices.

Sign up for a free account and log into your Poll Everywhere account to start engaging teammates live in Teams. The activities you create in your channels will automatically save to your account, where you can adjust advanced settings and view detailed results at any time.

You can start a poll directly in Teams by simply clicking the Poll Everywhere icon within your Teams tool bar. From here, you can title your poll, add multiple choice options, and launch the poll by clicking Create activity. Participants can answer the poll directly in Teams and results will be generated in real-time.

Step 1: To create a Poll Everywhere activity, open your MS Teams conversation or chat and click the ellipses (...) in the formatting menu under the text box.

Poll Everywhere may also appear in your menu under the text box.

(Poll Everywhere)
Step 2: Click on Poll Everywhere and sign in to your account. A new window will populate for you to create a multiple choice question.
Step 3: Fill out the title field with the question you'd like to ask followed by the response options.
Step 4: Click the create activity button on the bottom right of the window.
Step 5: Send the message to your chat by clicking the Send button or pressing Enter on your keyboard.
Responding to a multiple choice activity

When a Multiple choice activity appears in the MS Teams chat, participants can select an option from the available choices and click Submit response.
After responding, participants will see a confirmation message from Poll Everywhere.

This video provides a demonstration of how the Microsoft Teams Connector Tool can be used to create an MS Team associated with your eConestoga course: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5LWlcD6myQ

There is also a Faculty Support guide which answers some basic questions faculty may have about the MS Teams Connector Tool : Microsoft Teams Connector FAQ.

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