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The following is a message from Conestoga College’s Student Success Services, myLearning.

my learning, Student Success Services

Are you looking for online resources to support your students’ learning skills?

Learning Skills Advisors in Student Success Services and the Online Learning Centre have created a series of short videos to introduce students to a variety of learning strategies to support student success. Each video provides a brief overview of an important learning strategy with engaging graphics and simple language.

For example, Time Management: Planning, introduces students to simple tips they can use to plan their time effectively to keep up with the demands of their program.

Time Management: Planning [1:32] by Student Success Services, MyLearning

MyLearning Video Series

There are 10 videos available in the series. Click on any link below, or see the MyLearning Complete Video Playlist.

Ways to Integrate These Videos

These videos are easy to embed within or link to your eConestoga course shell. You might also share the complete playlist with students on your Announcements page.

At various points in the semester, certain videos will be most useful to students. For instance, you may choose to refer students looking for ideas about How to be a Successful Online Student to this video at the start of classes. There are simple ideas for time management as well. Encourage students to check out the video for Time Management: Planning at the start of the semester so they can start off on the right foot with some simple strategies for planning ahead and staying on track.

As the first quiz or test approaches, you could post the links to Self Testing, Retrieval Practice and Spaced Practice Study Strategy videos to provide students with research-based tips for effective test preparation. How to Prepare for Online Tests could be recommended as well before midterms or final exams to help students understand the expectations of online testing and how they can be ready.

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