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Adding and Signing into the Mentimeter App on Zoom

Step 1: Sign into the Zoom App on your device.

Step 2: Start a meeting.

Step 3: Click the App icon in the toolbar on Zoom

Zoom toolbar

Step 4: Click DISCOVER and search for MENTIMETER

Step 5: Log in with SSO

SSO log in

Step 6: A new page will open to Login Through Mentimeterm click LOG IN

Step 7: You will be taken to a webpage asking for a Single Sign On.

Put in your company name as “conestogacollege” – note the company name must be all lower case, all one word.

Single Sign On

Step 8: You can now log in with your Conestoga College email and password.

Step 9: You will be given a verification code, copy the code to your clipboard. See the example below.

Verification code

Step 10: Once you have the verification code copied, click OPEN ZOOM

Step 11: Paste the copied verification code and click LOG IN.

Verified log in

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