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Loved for its fun playing experience, Kahoot! quizzes are a great way to bring a little pizzazz to exam reviews, content check ins, or quizzes.

When to Use it

Kahoot! is delivered using learners’ smartphones or laptops. It’s best suited for use in classrooms where all or most students have a device available to them. If someone doesn’t have one, invite them to partner up with a peer.

This is a formative assessment tool, as it lets learners check in with their own learning. Educators can generate reports of each quiz, indicating individual students’ participation and responses. These can be used to track attendance, but it’s not recommended to associate a grade to these quizzes.

It can work as an exam review, when students may need a pick-me-up, or a refresher.

Getting Started

Sign up for a free account, using your email and a generic password. A page may prompt you for a payment plan, but you should be able to find the little “No thanks” option at the bottom of the plan options.

Take note – Kahoot! for teachers is completely free. It may prompt you to try their premium version, but you can always say no.

Use the Kahoot! support center to teach yourself how to use the app. They also have best practices, and examples of question types you can build.

Or simply start experimenting! Many people report Kahoot! to be a user friendly app.

Tips and Suggestions

The free version of Kahoot! lets you build an unlimited number of quizzes and questions. Build a new Kahoot! by choosing from one of the three types of Kahoots!

The wording of questions is something to be careful in considering. Use the Spectrum of Effective Questioning to help construct open ended questions that span a range across appropriate levels of thinking.

Teaching and Learning Conestoga. (2018). “The Spectrum of Effective Questioning” CC BY NC 4.0.

Practice presenting your Kahoot! by using your laptop or PC as the presentation screen and your phone or an incognito window to participate as a student.

Jess Wilkinson

Jesslyn is the Educational Technology Officer at Conestoga. An Ontario Certified Teacher, and holding a B.A. and B.Ed., Jesslyn researches and promotes new technologies for faculty to enhance pedagogical practices. She brings to the role her experience as a Google and Microsoft certified technology trainer and as a classroom teacher in South Korea, Mongolia, and Ontario, focusing on special education and assistive learning technologies. She is available for workshops, consultations, and support with using technology in higher education contexts.

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