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The following is a message from Conestoga College’s Student Success Services team.

Student Success Services, Conestoga College

As faculty, students often turn to you first when they are struggling. You have the opportunity to normalize the act of asking for help by sharing information about our services with your entire class. Learning supports and wellness services can benefit all students and we want to ensure that they know Conestoga College’s student services are here to support them.

While physical campuses are closed, services are still available to students. A quick reference of what and when supports are available has been posted on the Library Services website.

An Easy Way to Help Promote Student Services

Students who access our services earlier in the semester tend to be more successful.

Helping to make sure students are aware of services early in the semester, and with friendly reminders throughout the term, can help to provide early intervention and avoid problems at crunch time.

To try to make this as simple as possible, Student Success Services has created a collection of digital postcards and service information statements that faculty can use to help connect students to Spring/Summer 2020 online opportunities for help.

Choose the services you would like to highlight to your class, download the appropriate image, and copy the service information statement into the announcements section of your eConestoga course shells. Feel free to use in other digital communication tools as well!

Here’s an example of the materials prepared to help promote online Student Success Advising. Feel free to use both together, or as individual elements.

Sharing Services with Students

Student Success Advisors are available online! A student success advisor can: refer to counsellors and academic supports;Help you understand college processes and policies; assist you in solving problems and communicating with staff and peers. Email: Online form: studentsuccess.conestogac.on.caRefer a student for support
eHandbill providing information about Student Success Advisors

Download and share this promotional image in your slide presentations, course shell messages, and emails.

Remote service information statement

Student Success Advisors are here to help navigate college services and find the supports and tools that will work best for you. They can help book appointments with wellness and learning services, and can assist you in working through college processes or problems you might be experiencing. Asking for support is easy – just use the online self-referral form and an advisor will reach out to you and set-up a time to talk.   

There are promotional images and statements available for:

* For legal reasons, college wellness services are only available to students currently living in Ontario.

Student Success Services appreciates everything faculty do to ensure students have the most beneficial college experience. Please know we are here to help you in this endeavour with the Faculty Student Referral Form.

If you develop a particular concern or feeling that a student may need additional academic or wellness support, please reach out to us through this form. It is received by Conestoga’s Student Success Advisors, who are able to help evaluate student needs and make direct referrals to and appointments with support services.

refer a student for support button
Click to refer a student for support


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