Active Learning Workshop: Making the most of your class time

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Workshop Description

Active learning is a proven strategy which engages students with content in a meaningful way. Incorporating active learning will enhance your students’ engagement and retention and improve their learning. We will examine the benefits and potential barriers to implementation associated with active learning and explore changes you can make to create an ever more effective learning environment.

Next offering: Mon March 9 @ 4 PM

Workshop Resources


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Nancy Nelson

Nancy Nelson, M.Sc (T), Ph.D. Candidate, FEC, P. Eng joined Conestoga's Teaching and Learning team after teaching in the School of Engineering and Technology for 35 years. She has received multiple national teaching awards and is a real advocate for active learning in the post-secondary classroom. Nancy's focus is primarily on programs in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology (STEM), but is available to support teaching and learning at all campuses.

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