Active Learning Workshop: Action Research

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Workshop Description

Stretch your teaching practice by engaging in active learning-focused action research. Look for evidence that what you do in the classroom makes a real difference to your students’ learning. This workshop starts the inquiry process. We will work together to choose goals, identify research questions and active learning strategies to test, plan to collect and analyze data and report results. You will generate ideas in the workshop and be invited to share with your colleagues at E3.

Next Offering: Sat April 18th @ 9:30 AM

Workshop Resources


Click image to download slides

Activity 1: Active Learning in your classroom

Video: What is Action Research?

Activity 2 (computer users): Interactive Worksheet

Activity 2 (phone & tablet users): Standard Worksheet

General Resource: Action Research Guide

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Nancy Nelson

Nancy Nelson, M.Sc (T), Ph.D. Candidate, FEC, P. Eng joined Conestoga's Teaching and Learning team after teaching in the School of Engineering and Technology for 35 years. She has received multiple national teaching awards and is a real advocate for active learning in the post-secondary classroom. Nancy's focus is primarily on programs in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology (STEM), but is available to support teaching and learning at all campuses.

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